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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PST

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in how we approach this issue but this regarding a fax of how were was happening services go is not a loving approach. i think it's the opposite. i think of something that harms people. i think something that harms officers and i think that the poa has every right to be protective of their officers but it's actually doing a disservice to those officers. i think we need to it knowledge that sam francisco arguably the best police department in the country, has issues as well. that even the best apartment those issues exist. we are like the rest of the country country even though we are unique in the sense that we have come a long way. but we still have some ways to go. i will end with this: when the alex -- incident happened we went to a
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community meeting. i was very clear in speaking about the alex the echo, incident that was not going to prejudge what took place and the people my community that were critical of me because i was insane mike this is what i think happened. but where i was critical not so much of the police department but of the city was the fact that after the incident this terrific incident took place, the way the family was treated. the parents did not find out about alex until a couple of days after the fact and then the way that they found out, it wasn't through a lego respectful heartfelt notification. this is what happened. but it was more of an interrogation. my criticism was not of the individual officers or police department. my
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criticism was of as how we as a city interact with people whose loved ones are involved in something like that. i was immediately criticized by the poa as being anti-cop for doing that. i don't believe that was anti-. irc think most police officers would recognize that we have to interact with the community differently. that it doesn't serve the police department when a family is treated that way. and acknowledging that we have mishandled, how we've interacted with the family is not anti-cop. it's actually conjured. it's respectful of police officers instantly recognizes that we have work to do. so, i'll be respectfully opposing the amendment by supervisor: and i would ask my colleagues to support this
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resolution. is not going to change that much because it needs to be more than just a resolution, but it's a step in the right direction. >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i had a question and to make some comments as a point of clarification of supervisor:. you had mentioned you wanted to delete the portions of the resolution that refer to alex --. these are lines 23 through 25 on page 3 and then 128 on page 4. is that correct? >> yes that's correct >> not the other lines that were submitted to us? i just talked about the data? >> that's correct >> you are keeping those lines in mind okay. which ones you can read
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>> i just maybe i have a different copy that peavy was a little old. so, your amendment motions to delete lines 23 through 25 on page 3 and lines 1 through eight on page 4. is that correct? >> that is correct although i do have a couple questions about the relevancy of the s election [inaudible] project. that's a statistic. in order to move this forward on the card to use this as a sticking point but i'm happy to have discussion on it. i would like to see that. i don't [inaudible] mapping project is not in the business of identifying race. i don't know what the statistics came from. i just question out. supervisor avalos can speak to that
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>> the mapping project is a community effort. it's participatory action research where community members do their own work and so language there that honors the work that community residents have done to assess the conditions that they live in. that she worked on [inaudible] linking google buses in proximity to places where [inaudible] are having. there are critical part of what we've done to promote [inaudible] policies and they weighed in on issues on placing and people of color and that with this language comes from. >> thank you. >> well, i just want to first point out there's a lot in common that we are really kind of nailbiting over i think some details. but i'm glad to see is that this board is united on
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further resolve in terms of what we as a body would like to see what this nation would do around an issue that i think that we all agree exists, police brutality and police violence. i was really stunned that month ago when i learned that actually there's no nationwide database for individuals killed by police officers. in fact, we actually have no idea of the numbers of individuals in this country that were killed by the police. for right or wrong. i think the further results clause regarding the endorsement of the national [inaudible] action coalition is really in line with what we all believe and i'm glad that this port is unified on it. just pointing to the unity i think that we haven't -- i understand the concern on both sides regarding the references to alex -- to me
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it's important we acknowledge them in the resolution making the need to concur with supervisor avalos and combos to knowledge the pain and hurt over the loss of life in our city. if the concern is that were singling him out, i'd be happy to add names of others that should be included in this resolution as well. all lives matter and that has been the movement that has come forward. i think a positive of that. so when we say that black lives matter that all lives matter. i think it would be appropriate to include other names of life that have been lost. collects is just one of those. that being said, go soon though still under investigation that we don't know who's at fault and i don't want to prejudge what happened. i was not there. i've heard a number of narratives of what could have occurred on multiple sides. no one in this room knows what happened that day.
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unfortunately. i'm just wondering, title think there's anything that is written by supervisor avalos that points a finger or blame at sf pd in this instance. that being said, there's clearly sensitivity all around in terms of what these words may imply and were i don't see that implication, if there's a way to acknowledge the pain and hurt in our community also to say we need to have a better process because of whose fault it is, even if -- did point the teaser at the police as has been implied by some, we can still have a better process with the community, for the family, in terms of what happened, and acknowledge that we don't prejudge any officers and that there's an investigation. so, i'm not sure if there's a way to unite the sentiments that are being stated at this board in this individual case. that being said, come very supportive of the resolution
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that is before us. in the press lately there've been comments about how there's been a lot of silence among the elected leadership around this really important issue. having a moment to speak about it now, i'll just the first one to say that i was speechless. i didn't have words to address what's happening in this country. something that's been happening my entire life for decades is the issue, not just of violence but specifically police violence and police brutality that we all know it exist. we all know there's fear in our community and even with the best police department here in the city, that fear exists and we know that just like any class of elected officials is not perfect, we work with a lot of great elected officials and politicians. that's not to say that all politicians are great. same thing with the police officers. we have a lot of amazing police officers. i get to work with them. i really appreciate the leadership that
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i get to work with at sf pd and the tenderloin and south of market. i have grown in my respect and admiration for individuals to capt. john s and cmdr. redman and mcgarity likely care about our communities. and when to break down racial bias in our criminal justice system. and within the police department. that being said, there are thousands of police officers just like any class of individuals unfortunately racism sexism classism all that pervades to our society. no police department i don't think is unfortunately not protected from that. that's just the society we live in. i think that the resolution is measured in addressing not. that being said, you can pull out individual words and say, that we are furthering divine in a relationship that is incredibly
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important. so, i want to respect all of the authors in this. i'm glad to be keeping all the pieces on the data points because it is important to include. i don't know nypd and ferguson. as an it's hard to say we're better police department than them. i don't live in those cities. they can have great leadership and great officers but there was this one officer that clearly made the wrong decision. when they shot this innocent individual. that could happen here in san francisco as well. so, i want to be able to balance both. i think everyone in this room is saying that that there's a balance. so, i think the question is how can we bring all the sentiments together. finally, a lot of people cannot to speak in public comment and i know that community activists and organizers camping every
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neighborhood, but i want to say i see many of you in the neighborhood and in the community through your work with power, [inaudible] within our school district and i just want to knowledge your service and your leadership in this work and you may not be at every meeting but i certainly see you and many of them. so, i do want to support the resolution in its original form. that being said, could we don't have the votes to do that i think that maybe there's a way to acknowledge alex and many others killed were shot by the police. and it knowledge the pain and hurt that exists in our community and our knowledge that there can be a better process without judging the incident or fault or blaming these officers from what might have occurred. at the end of the day i also want to say i don't police our streets. so i don't understand the fear that
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they go through when they try to make our neighborhoods safer. i see no police officers do aerobic things for neighborhood and i think anyone or anything in this resolution should take away from the daily heroism that sf pd engages in. i'm just thinking [inaudible] we can do more per week and can need to be better we can continue to be more equitable and to wipe out the bias that exists in all this is him as a pdm also our governments. so we can come to a resolution on this today. i will be supporting the original resolution but that can happen that we can come to some type of agreement on the amendments. >> thank you supervisor camp supervisor: is next like you to clarify again the minute you're proposing because i think that we have received a document that stated the [inaudible] >> so for so there's a couple points i want to point out.
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when i spoke about not being a part of the original conversation you presented supervisor avalos presented a copy of the language drafted already last tuesday in the chamber. that's my son on. i'm talking about when you were the week prior to that was a couple weeks prior to when you were talking this will legislate. we worked on amendments together this week but in the initial conversation the initial thinking of this resolution i was not a part of. that's the point i was try to make earlier. supervisor kim, i think you raise an interesting point we talked about a lot of people being critical of san francisco like where the voices have been missing. certainly for my community is comes from a place of distrust not only with the police but also in the media. in unfit disproportionate overreporting of crime and violence that is shed in very negative and harsh and credible critical light on people that
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automatically re-victimizes a victim or paints another suspect. so people have been very careful in their discussion about the overall experience right here in san francisco. i agree with you supervisor campos. you are correct. we are all in the same spirit of like mind here. we recognize no person or agency were entity such as this body is perfect. we all have -- we all come to the people with their own set of experiences and positive and negative that filter into how we decide what will support and what we will not support. my concerns about
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specifically calling out alex -- from what i heard from other community members concerns about not shedding light on the other lives that have been lost. this is the most recent tragedy. so i can understand that. so i'm willing to work with supervisor kim on the language on that. but supervisor that are busy last about my amendments are. so, the amendments are pretty -- pretty substantial. but substantial but pretty self-explanatory i think. it's on page 3, it starts from line 6 through line 24. excuse me. page 1, though whereas clause that starts on line 14: whereas [inaudible] authorized by
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malcolm x's question the validity of this particular statistic. . back to page 3162 lines 24, the beginning on 96 whereas [reading]. the following [inaudible] every case someone has killed -- is that a typo? officer involved shooting however number of [inaudible] created controversy and tension in the police. they
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source of contention as and whereas in the indie conviction mapping product i don't think it within to this particular conversation. it under the palm online 17: [inaudible] the duchess redundant. activists and ferguson missouri plus protesters to connect with account. michael brown vocal [inaudible] when he was shot at least 10 times whereas alex -- was known by making [inaudible] i am happy to -- one thing we
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did not do was write a resolution in support of alex -- in the family and the desire to get more information or possible compromise. the following mac whereas online five, page 4 where communities [inaudible] >> thank you. i just want to clarify that it is indeed more than just page 3 and four they are seeking the amendment and there was a second for motion for that amendment. let's go to supervisor march 1 and the supervisor, and has additional
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comments >> not this time >> supervisor mars >> i deftly want to move to our votes and want to appreciate supervisor autos for the efforts were the past few weeks. to poor resolution together that all 11 of us can get behind. notice i have learned a lot since the ferguson actions several weeks ago, joining supervisor avalos in the [inaudible] protests and being part of asians for black lives as a solitary and i like. i feel that resolutions like this, that are symbolic are important but our actions that we do in personal lives our political lives and building organizations and those movements is even more important. want to really appreciate supervisor's come in and read for sharing so much of themselves and giving input into this. i was a big part of this process from the beginning and i know that is a process
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that we all have to go forward in the future. it's an awkward decision because i'm hearing from growing movements and learn every day by being active in them we are to follow the lead of young people with her was on saturday with the millions much more with other actions or follow read of african-americans but i'm still going to be supportive of the original motion supervisor autos has brought in a really appreciate the comments and the insights and the wisdom that have spoken from the community. ideal following the lead of african-americans is really really important to me but i do feel that supervisor comments suggestions have logic behind them, my political sense is it's watering down and it's taking away the real heart of the alex -- movement


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